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sureplumb is a dynamic established plumber service business, specialising in commercial, industrial and domestic plumbing. sureplumb has gained a reputation for providing their clients with professional advice, exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our team specialises in a range of domestic plumbing services from hot water system repair to blocked drains and gas fitter across Wollongong.

sureplumb is proud to offer clients over 50 years experience in maintaining commercial and industrial buildings throughout the wider Sydney Metropolitan, Sutherland and Illawarra/South Coast regions.

At sureplumb the expertise and specialised knowledge of the team enables a response to any plumbing concern. Exceptional quality workmanship and superior customer service, supported by competent quality tradespeople and operational personnel is our trademark.

Our team also offer 24 hour plumber service across Woonona, Wollongong and Sydney Metro. When you call sureplumb at 3am in the morning for a hot water system repair, you know you’ll be receiving premium service from our emergency plumber team.

Get in touch with sureplumb today and we’ll help repair your plumbing needs!

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