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Over 50 Years' Plumbing Expertise

sureplumb is a dynamic established plumber service business in Wollongong, specialising in commercial, industrial and residential plumbing. Our team has gained a reputation for providing their clients with professional advice, exceptional service and quality workmanship.

sureplumb is proud to offer clients over 50 years plumber experience across Wollongong in maintaining commercial and industrial buildings throughout the wider Sydney Metropolitan, Sutherland and Illawarra/South Coast regions.

When you call sureplumb, your plumbing emergency will be fixed and serviced with only one call-out.

  • 24/7 Emergency plumber with immediate response
  • Fully licensed and certified plumbers, gas fitters and more
  • Servicing domestic, commercial & industrial sectors


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Quality Plumbing Services & Workmanship

At sureplumb the expertise and specialised knowledge of our team enables a response to any plumbing concern.

Exceptional quality workmanship and superior customer service, supported by competent quality tradespeople and operational personnel is our trademark.

Our team also offer 24 hour plumber services across Woonona, Wollongong and Sydney Metro.

When you call sureplumb at 3am in the morning for a hot water system repair, you know you’ll be receiving premium service from our plumber team in Wollongong.

We also provide a range of essential plumber services including:


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Why You Should Hire Our Professional Plumbers?

Our Longevity

When looking for a plumber, you will probably be spoilt for choice. It’s easy to just hire the first one that answers the phone if you don’t already have a reliable plumber on hand.

It’s better to take a little time and ask some questions first. Our residential plumbers have over 50 years’ experience and we’ve completed residential, commercial and industrial repairs across Wollongong so you can be assured your problem will be resolved straight away.


Our Track Record

If you have an issue that is bigger than just a leaky tap, you will want to know if they can handle your project or problem. Knowing what the company has worked on previously will help you decide.

sureplumb has assisted a range of homeowners and company professionals with their blocked drains, hot water system repairs and much more. Our team has never started a project we couldn’t handle, so call us for a free quote.


Our Qualifications

Professional plumbers are expected to be certified and licensed. This is not a trade that you can pick up overnight. Professional plumbers have to serve apprenticeships and once their time is served, they go on to study for further qualifications.

sureplumb are proud members of the Master Plumbers Association of NSW as well as being are cm3 certified so you know you’ll receive that highest quality service from our professional Wollongong plumbers.


Our Experience

Usually, professional tradesmen bring a whole wealth of experience to the job. It is an accumulation of years of service in a particular field. Plumbers are no exception.

When you call our team for an emergency plumbing issue, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every worksite. With over 50 years of plumbing expertise, your plumbing system will be repaired in no time.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber in Wollongong

When your home needs to have some plumbing work performed in it, then you need to find a dependable plumber in Wollongong like sureplumb who can solve all of your plumbing issues.

When you are trying to find the perfect plumber, you ask them a few simple questions to make sure that you are getting the very best plumbing service available.

In order to operate as a plumber in Australia, the tradie has to have a licence from the territory or state where they are working. You will only want to employ people with a current licence, as this proves that they are a credible plumber. Your house insurance may also require that you only use licensed plumbers on your property.

Your plumber needs to have public liability insurance that will cover them in case of an accident in your home. Don’t assume that your tradie will have the right insurance, because this could leave you as the responsible party if there is an accident in your home.

This is an important question for any homeowner, as you need to establish that your plumber has the necessary experience to work on your property. Experience is essential for your plumber if you want to make sure that they can handle everything that your water system can throw at them.

This is an important question for any homeowner searching for an affordable plumber, and it is important that you ask how much they charge. Hourly rates can be seriously expensive, so make sure that you find someone with affordable pricing.

Even when it is really important that you find a good plumber quickly, you still need to make sure that you take a quote from them and review it carefully. Finding a plumbing service that fits in with your budget will help you to save hundreds of dollars, but also means that you don’t have to stick with the cheapest quote offered.

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When you are looking for an excellent experienced plumber in Wollongong, then you should focus upon sureplumb.

Our teams are here to help you with plumbing, drainage and gas fitting services.

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