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Gas Fitter Wollongong

Our domestic plumber experts are able to provide gas fitter services across Wollongong for a range of requirements.

We supply installation and maintenance of natural gas fitter pipe work, meters and all associated equipment, including LPG with our gas fitter experts.

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Why Hire Our Gas Fitters in Wollongong?

Any appliance that is gas-fired, like hot water units or stoves have to be seen to by qualified and licensed gas fitters in Wollongong.

Gas is just too dangerous to think otherwise. You wouldn’t hire a baker to repair your car, would you?

All plumbers know how to put in or repair both electrical and gas-fuelled boilers and such, but unless they have had specific training, with the required qualifications, it’s best not to hire them.

For your peace of mind, stick with the professionals. All it takes is one leak and one spark and you could have a disaster on your hands.

At sureplumb we have been installing gas appliances for over 50 years, so we know what we are talking about. For that reason, we would like to tell you why hiring licensed gas fitters is essential.


We Keep Your Costs Low

We all want to keep our costs down and don’t like to lay out more money than we have to, but there are some things on which it is not wise to skimp. Gas fitters is one of them.

Qualified gas fitters may charge more than the mate of your mate, but they deserve it. They have struggled through a low paid apprenticeship and then studied further to gain their extra qualifications that make them capable of guaranteed safe work.


50 Years’ Gas Installations Experience

By the time a gas fitter has qualified, they had already had years of experience and are gaining more every day of their working lives.

When they tackle a job, whether installation or repair, they bring that experience to bear on the work you want done. Remember, gas fitting is a specialised job.


Unrivalled Knowledge & Experience

To keep their licenses, qualified gas fitters have to keep with all the regulations and codes of practise. Gas has many applications and there are different fields within the industry.

When you hire a gas fitter for the particular work that need doing, you are hiring someone who has years of accumulated knowledge.


Specialised Equipment for Gas Fitting

Not only does a qualified gas fitter come armed with experience and knowledge, but with the proper equipment for the job.

There’s no waiting around while someone goes off to find or buy a tool. We are faster because they know what we are doing.


We Follow Strict Safety Precautions

The most important factor when hiring qualified gas fitters is that they make safety their number one priority.

The points made above are what you will get from sureplumb. All our gas fitters in Wollongong bring those virtues to the job. If you need safe, efficient gas fitting, then contact us today!